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Streetlights – the fight continues

EVRA remains opposed to Surrey County Council’s decision to turn off the streetlights from 12 midnight to 5am, and is looking to step up the campaign to reverse the change.

One way we think we we can do this is by encouraging residents to lodge a request for their streetlights to remain on. RA councillors have continued
to raise the matter with Conservative politicians at County Hall, but at the moment they remain resistant to calls for a change in policy. Given this intransigence we are encouraging all residents who wish to keep the lights
in their street on to lodge a request via the appeal process on SCC’s website. This can be found here.

The process enables a resident to say why they want the lights on full time, including for example increased incidents of night time crime or sight problems, and it also asks for signatures of support from neighbours. One street in Ewell, Corbet Road, has recently submitted a petition signed by all residents, and others are encouraged to follow suit.

It is interesting to note that currently on the SCC website they state that they are experiencing a high volume of review applications, and those applications are currently taking up to nine weeks to be processed. That should tell them something about local concerns, and hopefully that will lead to a re-think