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Discussion with Chris Grayling re: Future of Epsom Hospital

As part of our ongoing debate regarding the hospital and trying to understand what the future our our hospital should look like we engaged in discussions with our MP for Epsom and Ewell, Chris Grayling.

On 21 August 2017, Mr. Grayling issued a letter to its constituents with an update on the issue of the hospital consultation, (see here). “I have always said that I support improvements to healthcare for our area, and I have also always said that if there were a genuinely credible plan for a new hospital, it would at least merit a serious discussion locally. But this exercise is not that credible plan. Crucially there is no commitment from the NHS to the principle of funding a brand new hospital in SW London, where in recent years the push has been to reduce and not increase the number of hospital sites. There are a whole range of other unanswered questions about the detail of this.”

We are also including below a short extract from an email conversation between Chris Grayling and our chairman, Brian Angus (see here). In these conversations Grayling concludes “My position is that Epsom should be a Surrey hospital, and should not be caught up in debate about the future of St. Helier and hospitals in SW London. I think the integration between primary and secondary care at Epsom offers a path to create a new kind of local healthcare system, and that what is being done there is very encouraging.”