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Hogsmill river and ponds water level

Please find below a letter from our chairman with an update regarding discussions he has been having with SES Water, Surrey Rivers Trust and E&E Borough’s Countryside Manager, in relation of the quality of the water in the Hogsmill river and the ponds in the village.

Dear Committee members and residents,

I am very excited about thoughts emerging on an offer to improve the quality and level of water in the Hogsmill:

Roger R and I attended a site visit last week with a representative from each of SES Water, Surrey Rivers Trust and E&E Borough’s Countryside Manager.

Water currently operating the fountain at Bourne Hall Lake, comes from a pump 45m down a borehole alongside the Upper Mill Pond.  Water levels are so low that this flow is barely enough to overcome leakage and evaporation.  Precious little exits the Horse Pond under Chessington Road.  What does emerge is warm from the sun and contaminated with nitrates and nutrient mainly from the well-fed ducks and geese.  The long ‘Memorial Canal’ is stagnant and, alongside the old ‘public loo’ the ‘Rectory pond’ is virtually dry.

It turns out that the pump is large enough to produce more water and this would not significantly lower the level of the ‘water table.’  Additional piping could create flows through the canal and pond.  The Rivers Trust representative was particularly excited at the SES offer of giving the Hogsmill a fresh new start by piping cool fresh water into a narrow stream 200m down-stream of the pump.  Visible from the ‘Monet’ bridge is the start of the true stream, distinct from the wide waters artificially created to feed the two mills.

SES have agreed to attend the next ‘Catchment’ meeting which is already attended by Thames water, Environment Agency, Surrey Rivers Trust and E&EBC.  Thames extracts water from boreholes nearby in Epsom while SES takes water from Nonsuch.

I am very hopeful that bringing the right people together should allow SES’s generous offer to be taken up.  This could be a historic environmental improvement achieved in our 90th year.

The fountain at Bourne Hall Lake.

The fountain at Bourne Hall Lake.

Feeding the ducks at Bourne Hall Lake

A few weeks back we shared with all our residents the pictures of a sad looking Bourne Hall Lake full of bread on the ground. We received suggestions and comments through Facebook, for signs to be put up and duck food to be made more readily available from the local shops.

Bread 2

Our councillors asked the Rangers for signs to be put up. Well look what we spotted today and a lake looking clean and beautiful!

You can also now buy duck food bags to take to the park for £1 at Pets Choice and All Things Nice.