Parking review finalised

Surrey County Council has published this week the results of the parking review. In light of the objections and comments received, some changes were made to the proposals earlier this year.

The final parking restrictions to be implemented in the new year are outlined in the local maps. Click here for details.

The restrictions will be implemented in two stages. The first stage will simply be the double yellow lines, which do not require any upright signing – this is likely to happen prior to Christmas.

The second stage will involve the implementation of any remaining double yellow lines, where signing has to be amended to make them legally enforceable, single yellow lines, parking bays and resident permit schemes. All of these proposals require upright signing and / or permit allocation, where there can be a time delay for manufacture. These proposals are to be implemented in the new year.

You can see a report outlining the objections and the outcomes, and the reasons for them, on the Surrey County Council website here and following the link to ‘Epsom and Ewell 2017 parking review’.

3 thoughts on “Parking review finalised

  1. Peter Hicks

    Hi there, I cannot see the map for Mill Lane or along London Road to the Bypass. Does this mean there are NO changes to the current parking restrictions in this area? Thanks Peter

    1. uptonja Post author

      Thank you Peter for your comment, it is drawing 25 from the original consultation, not sure why it isn’t in the amended plans. But the details of the approved changes are as follows:
      Original proposal:
      To implement double yellow lines along the west side of Kingston Road in an attempt to prevent parking on the verge. To implement a residents permit scheme along Mill Lane following the receipt of a petition.
      To implement double yellow lines on the southern side of Mill Lane to prevent obstructive double parking.

      Conclusion: Proceed with amendments to allow nos.40 & 44 Kingston Road to purchase permits for the scheme.

      Hope this helps

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