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Getting things mended

New Year Message.

I admit ‘Getting things mended’ is becoming an obsession (writes EVRA Chair Brian Angus). I recently wrote to Roads and Maritime, Sydney Australia asked why they keep repainting their bridge when the Forth Rail Bridge people applied a finish that lasts decades ?! I got a friendly and interesting reply which isn’t always the case when, nearer home, I find myself continuously asking people please “Make this safe”, “Mend that” or “Don’t damage the grass”. If you have read my Christmas ‘Thank you’ you know I appreciate the many people who regularly and voluntarily pick up litter that other people drop, report graffiti and potholes and generally ‘look out’ for the village.

It’s not the sexiest of topics but delayed maintenance quickly leads to an area spiralling down and an even-greater bill to put things right. Look at the state of our roads, the area around Bourne Hall and the health centre and you see what happens if maintenance funding is cut for a month or a year.

In a post-Christmas bid to cure my obsession, I ask “What should I be doing differently ? What causes individuals and organisations to neglect the maintenance of their assets ?”

Around Ewell we see plenty of excellent examples where businesses and residents have had the confidence to invest in improvements to their premises and homes. Elsewhere nearby we spot buildings and environments where owners and landlords need ‘encouragement’ because people are living in unattractive, even sub-standard conditions.

The companies and authorities who look after our infrastructure have ever-more difficult choices to take. Our Councillors will tell you that ‘Austerity’ has never been more challenging and Police and Health Authorities will agree.

In a ‘Hope-they’ll-miss-it” announcement just before Christmas, the Government will allow local authorities to increase taxes by 6% whilst cutting central funding to local services. Assuming that includes Police as well as Surrey County Council and Epsom & Ewell, the average tax–payer already contributes £123 per week in taxes, and fees like car parking.

I for one would find that kind of an increase challenging, and it’s not all about money so, for the moment, I’ll stick with offering people my words of “Encouragement !!

Happy New Year.


Brian Angus

Chairman – Ewell Village Residents’ Association

Representing 2,100 households in Ewell village

Getting things mended since 1927 !


Three wishes for the new year

A message from our chairman, Brian Angus:

I have just spent the morning around the station, village and Bourne Hall clearing 6 carrier-bag-fulls of litter, fly-posting, out of date banners and hundreds of strings and cable ties.

So I have three wishes for the new year that I have passed on to our councillors:

1)   The substantial overspill from the Bourne Hall bin store, be cleared;

2)   The ‘First impression’ of Bourne Hall please be improved by its gates being cleaned, repainted and repaired; and

3)   The two long-resisted and now long-promised, 1,100 litre bins be swapped-in to the Co-op forecourt alongside All Things Nice. Ideally with locks.

Happy New Year to you all. Brian.

A Christmas message


A message to all residents from our Chairman on behalf of our Councillors and members of the Commitee:

“At the beginning of our 90th year we reflected “It would be good if we could do something special.” As EVRA’s 90th Christmas approaches we can look back at many special things having happened including the wonderful tea-in-the-High-Street for 90-year-old Ewell residents. History will also record this as the year we made several exciting starts including leaping into social media and taking steps to improve the quality of water in the Hogsmill. I take this opportunity to thank every-one who works so hard to make our village that special place to live, learn, work, do business and feed the swans ! I hope your Christmas will provide you with happy memories and 2018, with exciting opportunities.”


Bertie wishes everyone a warm Christmas

Bertie wishes everyone a warm Christmas

Emergency lane closure, Ewell Bypass

Message from County Councillor John Beckett


As planned, a team from Surrey Highways inspected the A24 Ewell by-pass today and found that the subsidence has been caused by the embankment slipping. This has meant that we have had to keep lane one closed for the safety of all road users.

However in order to minimise disruption at this busy time of the year and to make the road safe we have scheduled a temporary repair on Monday 18 December. This will mean we can re-open the lane as soon as possible. The work is expected to take one day.
We will also be carrying out a detailed structural survey of the embankment (date to be confirmed) in order to plan a permanent repair sometime next year.

The dedicated webpage, will be updated shortly, and I will keep you up-to-date on progress.

Original message:

Dear all

It was deemed necessary to close lane 1 of the northbound Ewell bypass at 7pm on Tuesday 12th December for emergency investigation work (between the Esso/Tesco’s express roundabout and just south of the A232 crossroads).

There was a report of subsidence in lane 1, so our asset survey team carried out some tests, these test have been inconclusive but there is an issue with the structure of the side of the road that needs further investigation as a matter of urgency. We now have our teams lined up to dig a trial pit to understand the issue.

We know that this lane closure is likely to cause significant traffic impact and a dedicated webpage has been set up – – signs will also be put up on the road directing residents to this webpage. The webpage will be live by 7pm on Tuesday 12th when the emergency lane closure takes place.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or queries.

map road closure