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Drug dealing in Ewell & NESCOT area

Please see below and extract from the latest Ewell Downs RA latest special news bulletin in which drug dealings around the NESCOT area is being discussed.

Drug Dealing close to Nescot

There is a great deal of concern over this matter which was published in our last Bulletin.  This item was fully discussed and it was agreed that we should proceed as follows:

  • The councillors have a meeting with Jackie Elkins, the police Inspector for Epsom & Ewell North on Thursday of next week.  They will be bringing this up for action as a matter of importance.  Should this attempt not achieve any results they have confirmed that they will go higher up the police chain.
  • The Association is sending a letter to Frances Rutter, the CEO at Nescot,pointing out, among other things, the safeguarding policies in relation to the students under their care and asking: a) what action has been taken to protect them and b) what action is proposed? 
  • We shall be in touch with the developers of Sycamore Gardens as very soonthey will be opening the pedestrian entrance opposite the area where the dealing is taking place.
  • We will keep you informed of any progress in this matter – we are determined to get some action, so please come forward with any ideas you may have to help.

The full text of the bulletin can be found here

In addition, the police were made aware of an incident involving NESCOT students which occurred on Thursday, 16 November 2017, in an alleyway between NESCOT and Ewell East Rail Station. It appears that this incident took place before 3pm however the exact time is unknown.

Video was captured of the incident which showed the victims being assaulted by a male who slapped the two males to the face and body with an object, whilst shouting and threatening them. It is believed the video has come from an unidentified third party and the footage does not identify the victims.

If you have any information about the incident or are aware of who the victims might be please contact Surrey Police on 101 or report online here quoting reference number 45170129390.

EVRA is fully committed to support the actions of Ewell downs RA and to ensure that any drug dealings in the village are swiftly reported to the police. We are also monitoring the situation on Ewell West Station and reporting it to the Police Commissioner as we have been made aware of increased criminal action in around Ewell West Station.

Our Chairman and Councillors are working towards ensuring appropriate action is taken.

We ask all our residents to please ensure any criminal activity they become aware is reported to the police.

Ewell West Station, new footpath with lifts.

We are pleased to announce that South Western Railways will start construction of a new footbridge in Ewell West Station next April. The new footpath is expected to be completed in June 2019. It will bring step free access across the two platforms in the station.

We hope this will be great news for any residents that require step free access and that previously had to use the very steep ramp access to platform 1.

The drawings below show the planned footbridge and its location at Ewell West Station at the front, that will include two lifts in each platform side.

Front drawing shows the planned footbridge at Ewell West Station. The drawing in the foreground depicts the more complex bridge that would be required for Stoneleigh.

Front drawing shows the planned footbridge at Ewell West Station. The drawing in the foreground depicts the more complex bridge that would be required for Stoneleigh.


Rats in The Village

We have unfortunately been made aware of a rats infestation in the village. We thank the residents that diligently raised the issue. Our councillors and Chairman quickly acted to inspect the area and involve the corresponding agencies. The councillors have introduced a package of measures that we expect will resolve the current issue shortly.

However from the inspection of the area there were some very common issues noted that are generally very attractive to vermin, especially rats. We need your help to avoid rats in the village going forward:

  1. Please do not leave food containers and packaging from pre-packed meals on the ground. There are areas in the village with extensive food related litter such as sandwich wrappers, fast food packaging, drink bottles, etc. Please dispose of these appropriately. The best place is your bin at home, school or office, or public bins, but please do not leave these in the ground.
  2. Please do not feed the foxes. In the current infested area, we found trays of food put out for the foxes, with milk and other food leftover. This is a very common practise but it should be avoided, as it attracts vermin.Rats stop

Train timetable consultation

There is still time until 22nd December 2017 to have your say on the changes to the trains timetable being proposed by South Western Railways.

South Western Railway will be making some major changes to train services in the timetable beginning 9th December 2018.

We invite you to review the timetable for the lines into Ewell West Station and send any comments you may have via email to

In addition we have consulted with the company as we heard Residents were having difficulty confirming whether the consultation timetable proposed cancelling the last, just-after-midnight service. We are pleased to announce that we received confirmation the company is proposing an 00:26 train from Waterloo to Epsom, however an error means this is not currently showing in the consultation timetable.

Please ensure you take this into consideration when sending your comments.

Please find links to the proposed timetables below.

SWR TABLE 152 to London (1)

Updated SWR TABLE 152 From London (1)

Parking review finalised

Surrey County Council has published this week the results of the parking review. In light of the objections and comments received, some changes were made to the proposals earlier this year.

The final parking restrictions to be implemented in the new year are outlined in the local maps. Click here for details.

The restrictions will be implemented in two stages. The first stage will simply be the double yellow lines, which do not require any upright signing – this is likely to happen prior to Christmas.

The second stage will involve the implementation of any remaining double yellow lines, where signing has to be amended to make them legally enforceable, single yellow lines, parking bays and resident permit schemes. All of these proposals require upright signing and / or permit allocation, where there can be a time delay for manufacture. These proposals are to be implemented in the new year.

You can see a report outlining the objections and the outcomes, and the reasons for them, on the Surrey County Council website here and following the link to ‘Epsom and Ewell 2017 parking review’.

Do you need help to be safe and healthy in your home?

A message from Councillor Clive Woodbridge 

Epsom and Ewell Borough Council now may be able to help, following a decision taken by its Community & Wellbeing committee to extend the range of people and situations that funding can be applied for.

Assistance can be provided for all those who may be at risk of suffering health and safety problems as a result of poor housing conditions in situations where they do not have the resources or support to undertake remedial action themselves and who meet the eligibility criteria. Additional funding for the scheme has been provided to the Council via the Better Care Fund.

Support to local residents can be provided through grants and a hardship fund to help with safety, security and warmth in the home. Examples of work could be replacing or repairing a boiler, fitting keychains and other security measures, fitting grab rails, remedying dampness, fixing an electrical fault or mending a front door.

This initiative is in addition to the existing disabled facilities support grants which offer adaptions to the home to help with issues such as bathing, stairs and access to the home.

For more information, and to see if you are eligible for either scheme, please contact EEBC’s Home Improvement Agency team at the Town Hall or come along and meet them at the Ashley Centre on Wednesday 22nd November or at Bourne Hall on Wednesday 6th December between 10am and 3pm.


Rubbish around Ewell West Station

It has been very noticeable an increase in rubbish in and around Ewell West Station, down Chessington Road and Gibraltar Recreation Grounds steps. One significant item of rubbish found is leftovers from takeaways, including Mc.Donnalds and other fast food and supermarket food containers.

Our Chairman has started his campaign against the increase in rubbish around the area by sending a letter to Mc Donalds UK. With the aim to try to raise awareness and identify where this rubbish is coming from.

Find the complete letter here: EVRA to Macd Oct 2017

Ewell Village Yule 2017

The ever popular Ewell Yule late night shopping event returns and this year is taking place on Friday December 1st from 5.00 pm – 8.30pm. All the usual attractions will be there, including Father Christmas, and a road closure will be organised, along with free parking in the village.

The Advent Calendar and Ewell Village shop window competition will also return, and traders are invited to participate and help promote the village.


Hogsmill river and ponds water level

Please find below a letter from our chairman with an update regarding discussions he has been having with SES Water, Surrey Rivers Trust and E&E Borough’s Countryside Manager, in relation of the quality of the water in the Hogsmill river and the ponds in the village.

Dear Committee members and residents,

I am very excited about thoughts emerging on an offer to improve the quality and level of water in the Hogsmill:

Roger R and I attended a site visit last week with a representative from each of SES Water, Surrey Rivers Trust and E&E Borough’s Countryside Manager.

Water currently operating the fountain at Bourne Hall Lake, comes from a pump 45m down a borehole alongside the Upper Mill Pond.  Water levels are so low that this flow is barely enough to overcome leakage and evaporation.  Precious little exits the Horse Pond under Chessington Road.  What does emerge is warm from the sun and contaminated with nitrates and nutrient mainly from the well-fed ducks and geese.  The long ‘Memorial Canal’ is stagnant and, alongside the old ‘public loo’ the ‘Rectory pond’ is virtually dry.

It turns out that the pump is large enough to produce more water and this would not significantly lower the level of the ‘water table.’  Additional piping could create flows through the canal and pond.  The Rivers Trust representative was particularly excited at the SES offer of giving the Hogsmill a fresh new start by piping cool fresh water into a narrow stream 200m down-stream of the pump.  Visible from the ‘Monet’ bridge is the start of the true stream, distinct from the wide waters artificially created to feed the two mills.

SES have agreed to attend the next ‘Catchment’ meeting which is already attended by Thames water, Environment Agency, Surrey Rivers Trust and E&EBC.  Thames extracts water from boreholes nearby in Epsom while SES takes water from Nonsuch.

I am very hopeful that bringing the right people together should allow SES’s generous offer to be taken up.  This could be a historic environmental improvement achieved in our 90th year.

The fountain at Bourne Hall Lake.

The fountain at Bourne Hall Lake.

Crime in our village

Below you will find a letter from Brian Angus, Chairman to Ewell Village Residents’ Association (EVRA) in relation to a few criminal situations encountered in the past few weeks in the village. 

Dear all,

I am sending this email to members of the EVRA committee, including four Councillors, to the Chief Constable and to South Western Railway’s area Manager.

I said Hello to PC Steve Ogles this morning and also a couple of weeks ago.  Still serving in the Met, he was our Homebeat Officer at the time of the Police hand-over to Surrey.  Sadly our current PCSO hasn’t been able to attend our meetings and I am no longer in touch with any of our local team.   In the past week I have spotted more Met police vehicles in our area than Surrey.  The Mayor of London today announced he would cut the number of 24/7 Police station public counters to one per Borough.  I believe there is no longer anywhere in our County offering that service.

Last Sunday morning, quick-thinking railway station staff thwarted a would-be cycle thief cutting through a lock.  Although caught on camera, he hasn’t been caught.  I have asked for British Transport Police his image for our Facebook page as Policing is now so thin here.  At the same time injectable drugs misuse was happening in the toilet inside the station building.

Despite requests, the rail company and the Borough Council haven’t removed noticeable local spray-paint-on-brick graffiti within their target dates and further graffiti has appeared in several places close to here.  I clear litter and fresh appears within minutes.  Two nearby neighbours have stopped maintaining their hedges and verges.  A large percentage of vehicles are unroadworthy or breaking the law in one way or other.  Long-term Estate agents boards have returned to the usual places.

A couple of days ago a moped rode into the back of a car in Reigate Road close to Ewell High Street.  The car was quickly engulfed in flames, the driver escaped and the rider ran off.

These are just things I have noticed or had brought to my attention in the past week.

Picture from Epsom Guardian published April 26, 2017.

Picture from Epsom Guardian published April 26, 2017.