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Drug dealing in Ewell & NESCOT area

Please see below and extract from the latest Ewell Downs RA latest special news bulletin in which drug dealings around the NESCOT area is being discussed.

Drug Dealing close to Nescot

There is a great deal of concern over this matter which was published in our last Bulletin.  This item was fully discussed and it was agreed that we should proceed as follows:

  • The councillors have a meeting with Jackie Elkins, the police Inspector for Epsom & Ewell North on Thursday of next week.  They will be bringing this up for action as a matter of importance.  Should this attempt not achieve any results they have confirmed that they will go higher up the police chain.
  • The Association is sending a letter to Frances Rutter, the CEO at Nescot,pointing out, among other things, the safeguarding policies in relation to the students under their care and asking: a) what action has been taken to protect them and b) what action is proposed? 
  • We shall be in touch with the developers of Sycamore Gardens as very soonthey will be opening the pedestrian entrance opposite the area where the dealing is taking place.
  • We will keep you informed of any progress in this matter – we are determined to get some action, so please come forward with any ideas you may have to help.

The full text of the bulletin can be found here

In addition, the police were made aware of an incident involving NESCOT students which occurred on Thursday, 16 November 2017, in an alleyway between NESCOT and Ewell East Rail Station. It appears that this incident took place before 3pm however the exact time is unknown.

Video was captured of the incident which showed the victims being assaulted by a male who slapped the two males to the face and body with an object, whilst shouting and threatening them. It is believed the video has come from an unidentified third party and the footage does not identify the victims.

If you have any information about the incident or are aware of who the victims might be please contact Surrey Police on 101 or report online here quoting reference number 45170129390.

EVRA is fully committed to support the actions of Ewell downs RA and to ensure that any drug dealings in the village are swiftly reported to the police. We are also monitoring the situation on Ewell West Station and reporting it to the Police Commissioner as we have been made aware of increased criminal action in around Ewell West Station.

Our Chairman and Councillors are working towards ensuring appropriate action is taken.

We ask all our residents to please ensure any criminal activity they become aware is reported to the police.

Government’s housing consultation – more houses to be built?

This week the Government published its latest consultation on further measures set in the Housing White Paper to boost housing supply in England.    ‘Planning for the right homes in the right places’  (see here) sets out a number of proposals to reform the planning system to increase the supply of new homes and increase local authority capacity to manage growth.

Of most immediate concern is the inclusion of a standard methodology for calculating local authorities’ housing need.  Attached to the consultation is a  ‘Housing need consultation data table’ which sets out the indicative housing need for each local planning authority using the Government’s proposed methodology, how many homes every authority in the country is currently planning for, and, where available, how many homes they believe they need.

For our Borough the Government’s data provides an indicative calculation which estimates that there is demand for 579 new homes each year.  This is an increase of 39% above the demand figure of 418 new homes per year that were identified in the Borough’s Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) which was published in 2016.  Officers maintain that our SHMA was robustly prepared and utilised the most up to date information at the time.

Officers are considering the consultation document and drafting a response.  A special Licencing & Planning Policy Committee meeting will be held on the 26 October to agree the Council’s response to the consultation.

It is a concern that the govt wants to force councils to accept higher numbers of housing, without saying how these will be supported, or how this can be achieved without damage to green belt.

We will continue to publish updates and follow this matter closely and we urge our residents to take part in the consultation.

Welcome to our new website

We would like to welcome all the residents to our new and improved website. Being launched together with our new Facebook page (click here for more information).

We hope you will find the information here useful.

We invite you to have a look around and leave us any feedback or comments. Thank you