MGSO4 Epsom and Ewell Arts Festival

We are inviting all of our residents to take part in some of the activities happening in Ewell for the festival happening in Epsom and Ewell from 2nd until 8th of July.

This will be the second MGSO4 Epsom & Ewell Arts Festival and the theme of the festival is Discovery in celebration of the 400-year anniversary of the discovery of Epsom Salts. On the events page there are 13 individual events in Ewell alone – as well as events at venues in Epsom. Find all the details following the link below:

The Ewell events are:

The Next Placement: Reflection Theatre’s award–winning show about a boy in foster care and his search for a place to call home. (NESCOT Performing Arts Space) Tuesday 3 July

Dinner with The BB Horns: Jazz funk cabaret from 10-piece professional touring band, with meal from Le Raj Academy NESCOT Performing Arts Space)  Wednesday 4 July

Journey of Discovery Contemporary Art Exhibition: NESCOT atrium space (FREE) 2-7 July

On Saturday 7th July, Bourne Hall, Ewell will become a festival hub with events from 10am to 9pm

  • Sound of Music drop-in discovery session for all ages
  • Costumed life-drawing workshop
  • Discovering Collage workshop for adults
  • Daily Salter – writing headlines for our mysterious festival newspaper
  • Children’s craft and design workshops from author-illustrator Lucy Volpin
  • The Lost Words of Epsom competition winners
  • Grass dance show for younger children – performed on real turf
  • Writing Relationships – workshops for readers and writers with author Claire Dyer
  • Festival Premiere: The Story of Henry Wicker – performance of specially commissioned musical work for piano & cello, telling through music the story of the discovery of Epsom Salts.

Ewell West Station footpath update

We are very pleased to report that the planning department at the council have received a planning application for the footpath to be built at Ewell West Station to replace the current footpath and provide step free access to both platforms.

We had originally met with the train operator to discussed this and had reported here the plans. We are very pleased to see action being taken towards the new build.

You can see all the details of the planning application as well as provide your comments in relation to the plans here.

The plans include the demolition of the current footpath and a new one with two lifts being built on the London end of the station. Additionally the parking area will be reconfigured and the stairs leading to Chessington Rd will be rebuilt.

The above picture shows how the footbridge will look like from both sides of the station after completion.

The above picture shows how the footbridge will look like from both sides of the station after completion.

The above picture shows the location of the new footbridge.

The above picture shows the location of the new footbridge.


The above picture shows the new design for the steps into Chessington Rd and the new disable parking bays.

The above picture shows the new design for the steps into Chessington Rd and the new disable parking bays.


Epsom Common Day – Help with funding

Epsom Common Day 2018 will be steeped in local history as this year marks the 400th anniversary of Epsom Well with the discovery of ‘Epsom Salts’ site back in 1618. This gave Epsom its first claim to fame as a Spa town during the 17th & 18th centuries.

The team organising the event and hoping to bring it back to life are asking for help in funding. Please find all the details on the attached document

Epsom Common Day Crowdfunding3-colour

Thank you

Invitation to lunch on Easter Sunday

We have received this very kind invitation that we would like to share with all our residents. If you are alone on Easter Sunday, you can maybe join the residents at Priory Court at their Easter Sunday lunch.

“Priory Court would like to invite about ten people to lunch with us on Easter Sunday.

Lunch will be served at 1pm and guests would be more than welcome to stay with us for the Easter Sunday service with Douglas at 3pm. Obviously there is no charge for this event, but we will need to know numbers by Good Friday.”

Please contact Paul Vale at Priory House to confirm your space, either call on 0208 393 0137 (option 5) or email


Council Tax is Set to Rise Once More in Surrey


Council Tax is Set to Rise Once More in Surrey

Surrey County Council agrees to raise Council Tax by 5.99% for 2018/2019

On 6th February the Conservative-led Surrey County Council (SCC) approved another Council tax hike of 5.99%. Band D households in Surrey will be facing an annual increase of £80 as Tory ministers have relaxed the council tax cap.

Last year, after a shambolic council tax referendum proposal, SCC Leader David Hodge reached a “gentlemen’s agreement” with the government. This coming year the Council will receive £20 million as a one-off under a Business Rates retention pilot scheme, but will still need to find £39 million from its declining reserves and capital receipts. Surrey will have lost £200 million of its core government funding over the last 8 years.

In his annual budget speech, Leader of the Residents’ Association and Independent Group Nick Harrison pointed out that councils must balance their books, and very soon SCC might not be able to do that:

“Council are straining to make cuts, to improve their efficiency, deal with reduced national funding and if all else fails, to use reserves. Eventually, the books just won’t balance. Somebody had to get there first and last weekend Northamptonshire declared it was in ’special measures’. Surrey faces similar challenges. Increasingly the cuts are being noticed by our residents as they impact the services we all use – turning out street lights, reducing spending on roads and charges and reduced hours at the recycling centre.”

Cllr Harrison added that the Council does not have a credible plan to meet its statutory obligations whilst retaining a reasonable level of universal services beyond 2018/2019. He further noted that Surrey’s MPs are not listening to their Conservative colleagues in Surrey:

“I listened to Council Leader David Hodge on BBC Radio Surrey asking residents to spend 50p on a stamp and write to their MP’s about the funding situation. That’s an incredible admission about his group’s lack of clout. I have explained the situation to my MP and the next step must be to withhold support for these budget recommendations.”

Residents’ Association and Independent County Councillors abstained or voted against the proposed budget during Tuesday’s full council meeting. Despite the opposition’s concerns and protests, the Conservative majority approved the 2018/19 budget.

For further comments:

Cllr Nick Harrison – 01737-215405 (H) 07971-664079 (M)

Bus route 166

We are delighted to announce that both bus route 166  will be retained without amendment for the next 5 years, thanks to an agreement between Surrey County Council (SCC) and Transport for London.

Over the last three months SCC has been working closely with Transport for London to secure the future of bus routes 166 and 216. These are important bus routes used by many residents living in Surrey and London. Both bus routes are contracted by Transport for London, crossing the London boundary into our county to serve residents of Epsom & Ewell and Spelthorne respectively.

This means SCC be investing around £130,000 annually to ensure the 166 bus continues operating between Banstead and Epsom Hospital and the 216 carries on running from Staines to Ashford Hospital as normal.

In the case of the 166 bus route, it links many of our residents and neighbouring areas to Epsom Hospital.

The County Council has agreed to financially support the cost of both bus routes, allowing them to continue unaltered for the next 5 years.

You can find more information on the 166 bus route and other bus routes linking Epsom General Hospital here


Ewell Village – Spring clean up

When: Saturday 3rd March at 10am

Where: Bourne Hall Car Park


Ewell Village Residents Association, supported by Epsom & Ewell Borough Council, and with the help and support of Glyn School, will be holding a community litter picking morning on Saturday 3rd March. Volunteers are invited to assemble at 10am in Bourne Hall car park. Litter pickers and refuse sacks will be provided, but please bring your own gloves and wear clothing suitable for the conditions.

If you are not able to join us at that date and time, please feel free to tidy up in your own area. If you let us know we can ask the Council to arrange to pick up any bagged litter and rubbish collected.

Also if you are aware of any litter ‘hot spots’ in and around Ewell Village  please tell us and we will do our best to send a crew to sort it out on the day.

Please help us spread the word by joining our Facebook event click here and sharing it with your friends. You can also print our flyer to display it in your shop window, school, etc. Click Here

A picture of our campaign a few years ago.

A picture of our campaign a few years ago..

Let’s fix it: How to report issues

As part of our Let’s fix it campaign we are asking everyone in the Village to do their part on making sure our Village is as lovely as it can be!

The county and borough councils don’t have the resources anymore to be going around identifying issues, and therefore they rely on the residents to report the issues happening around them. We would like to encourage all residents that when they see an issue that’s need fixing they:

  1. Report it to the council and get a reference number.
  2. Follow up.
  3. If no action was taken or action was insufficient, report it to us!

So how do I report an issue?

In short, any issues related to the roads are dealt by Surrey County Council, the rest of the issues are generally dealt by Epsom and Ewell Borough Council. However the Surrey County Council report it website, will redirect you to the right authority in your Borough if necessary.

You can report any issues  here

Also to make things easier, for the most common issues we have listed them below with links to the corresponding site.

  • Report a pothole here
  • Report a fault with street lighting or signage here
  • Report an issue with trees or vegetation here
  • Report a problem with the pavement here
  • Report a missed bin here
  • Report a fly tip here
  • Report graffiti here

And please remember to get a reference number. Without the reference we cannot help you follow up the issue if it isn’t resolved!




Have your say on health and social care commissioning intentions for 2018/19

Message from the Joint health and social care commission to all our residents:

Every year local health and care organisations set their plans and priorities (known as commissioning intentions) for the year ahead.

To reflect closer working across Guildford and Waverley, North West Surrey and Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Surrey County Council, as well as work happening across the wider Surrey Heartlands area, this year we have developed joint commissioning intentions for health and social care.

These intentions, or plans, reflect our priorities for health and social care across a range of areas and set out how we will commission care that meets the needs of the local population. They also summarise how we will achieve the NHS’ national priorities.

We have already sought the views of GP practices, health and social care providers and other partners, who have helped shape our thinking and now we are inviting local people and wider stakeholders to have their say.

Through this survey we welcome your feedback on our plans, particularly any comments on any areas or issues that you feel we may not be addressing.

The survey has been designed in chapters so you can choose which areas you want to comment on, rather than needing to complete every section, depending on their relevance to you or your organisation. The survey closes on 18 February 2018 so please share your comments by then.

We will analyse all the feedback we receive and the findings will inform our final joint commissioning intentions, which will be published in April 2018. All analysis and reporting will be aggregated and anonymised.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Find the link to the survey  and the Summary Commission Intentions document here.

Printed copies of the summary document and the survey can be requested by calling 01372 201732 or sending an SMS text to 07747 476511.